Our Team, Our Experience and Our Passion

Our Team, Our Experience and Our Passion

About Us

A dedicated team with experience across all sectors of the potato procurement and supply sector. 

The potato specialists

With established routes to all market sectors, Linwood Crops can offer growers and suppliers various trouble-free and sustainable access to the most profitable markets.  We pride ourselves on remaining competitive for our customers.

Our industry expertise and extensive customer portfolio allow us to fully manage any issues, from finding alternative markets, to assisting producers and customers through all stages of growing and processing.

Strength in numbers

Linwood Crops offers the benefits of group buying and negotiating in regard to the purchase of seed, storage, grading services, handling and transport requirements.

Peace of mind

Our majority investor, Produce Investments PLC, assures financial confidence to our network of growers, suppliers and customers. We understand that value and quality are key requirements for our customers and fundamental for the future of the industry.

Our dedicated team looks forward to working with you.


Meet the Team

Matt Thory

Matt joined MBM in 1996, to run the potato intake. Within 18 months he was assisting John Evans; learning all aspects of procurement and marketing within the process and peeling sectors and soon took responsibility for  existing and developing new sales.

After the MBM management changes Matt joined QV Foods in 2006 to develop a new processing business for QV Foods. This department soon became a major supplier to the UK and European chipping, processing and peeling industries. QV’s decision to take over the MBM site allowed Matt and his team to develop the sector, gaining a reputation for excellence by both customers and suppliers.

Conflicts between different sectors in the QV business restricted opportunities to trade and, as a solution, offered QV the option of setting up as a separate business. With this germ of an idea Matt sought other backers to bring his vision to fruition. The result is Linwood Crops which, has allowed Matt & the three other principles the opportunity to own shares in their own company.

James Ragg

After graduating from Harper James started working for Empire World Trade as a trainee trader. He was there for 1 year, learning how the produce market worked and procuring for retail accounts.

He was then approached to work for Nationwide Produce, where he developed a strong relationship with both customers & suppliers, mainly in the French fry and peeling sectors.

James joined QV Foods in 2011 where he took charge of some key accounts. This relationship developed with QVF becoming the preferred supplier with several customers.

James is a founder member of the Linwood Crops with n expanding portfolio of customers and suppliers. The Linwood Crops facilities at March enables him to maintain the excellent reputation he already had with customers.

Chris Marshall

Chris is a BASIS qualified agronomist specialising specifically in potatoes. His career path includes roles as arable farm manager for GS Shropshire, Commercial Agronomist at MBM & Head of Agriculture for QV Foods. In these roles he was responsible for growing considerable areas of potatoes.

He has extensive knowledge of the practicalities of  husbandry, harvesting, storage and costings faced by the modern potato grower.

Customer-facing, he has significant experience working with the ultimate retail customer, while managing the realistic abilities of the producers governed in many cases by nature.

Steve Morton

Steve has the potato industry in his blood. Being the eldest son of Guy Morton, his experience started within the family business. Steve followed the business when it became a part of the merged Rowe, Manchett and Till (RMT) business and the Beeson Group to form the highly regarded MBM (Morton Beeson & Manchett) potato business. He remained with MBM when QV Foods bought the business until investing in Linwood Crops.

Steve has a loyal supply and customer base who have a shared desire to operate a ‘back to basics’ approach where supply and sales can remain profitable, sustainable and competitive.

Steve's development of the ‘Guys Fries’ and ‘Just Enjoy’ brands has delivered a great quality product for his customers as well as ensuring a memorable eating experience and 'want for more' for the consumer.

Glenda Brickley

Glenda heads up administration and keeps the rest of the team in order. She manages the procurement & sales team's paperwork, looks after returns between customers and suppliers, and manages all payments, contract positions and anything else asked of her!

Glenda started her career in the potato industry as part of the McCain GB field office team before joining MBM. She then joined the QV Foods process team and has followed them to Linwood Crops. Glenda’s understanding of the industry makes her an instrumental part of the exceptional service offered by the Linwood Crops team to its growers, suppliers and customers.

Bianca Towler

Bianca co-ordinates any haulage requirements, is happy to assist with order-taking and works closely with Glenda to fulfil additional administration requirements. With an exceptional understanding of the grading, storage, and stock systems, she was previously co-ordinator between the procurement & sales teams and the operations teams at QV Foods. 

Additionally Bianca is our IT specialist, looking after the company's Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn pages and website updates – she also posts our monthly favourite potato recipes; any suggestions, please email her.

Graded, Processed, Packaged and Transported.  Total Potato Solutions.

Graded, Processed, Packaged and Transported.  Total Potato Solutions.