Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Linwood Crops Ltd. take corporate social responsibility very seriously and are proud of the way we demonstrate our commitment to the environment, our people and the community.
We are also extremely proud of the way in which we operate as a business. As a major player in the fresh potato sector LCL believes it has a responsibility to help shape the way in which the industry operates, continually challenging convention and looking for technological advances that can help the industry become more efficient, thus reducing our collective environmental impact.

Understanding Linwood Crops Ltd

Linwood Crops Ltd. (LCL) have a determination to build outstanding teams of people and support for these individuals in achieving their full potential, provides our key point of difference.
Our potatoes are available in various formats and distributed to a number of retail customers, catering and traditional wholesalers, as well as sold in bulk to various processing companies.
In addition we have our own range of LCL brand potatoes.

Our Vision

To be the outstanding potato supplier in the UK and one of the top fresh produce companies in the UK.
We have 6 key area of focus in order to deliver this vision:

  • Developing our people
  • Crop utilisation
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Quality and raw material procurement
  • Delivery operational excellence
  • Growing our customer base

Our Values

At LCL we hold 5 core values at the heart of everything we do.

  • Exceed consumer, customer and stakeholder expectations
  • Protect our people and the environment
  • Improve every day
  • Honour our commitments with integrity
  • Respect others and treat all with dignity

Our CSR Vision

Continue to demonstrate our commitment to the environment, our people and the community, whilst working towards our company’s vision in line with our core values. In order to achieve this we have identified 4 key areas of focus:

  • Our Environment
  • Responsible Sourcing and Ethical Trading
  • Our People
  • LCL in the local community

Our CSR strategy sets out to communicate our defined aims and approach; in addition, our policy is continuously monitored and reviewed to remain current and effective.

Our Environment

We take great pride and responsibility in the way we mitigate our environmental impact.
Although a young company we strive to lead rather than follow industry standards.
Our Site includes inverters on refrigeration systems, top range insulation in cold stores and utilization of outgrades (where appropriate).

Ethical Trading Policy

  • Our Ethical Trading Policy represents our dedication to doing business in the correct manner, improving our good reputation and developing strong business relationships. To ensure all our potatoes come from responsible, ethical sources we adopt the following procedures:
  • “AB” Membership of Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX). As an AB member we require our entire supplier base to join SEDEX and complete a self-assessment.
  • Our own production site posts it’s their self-assessment information on the SEDEX website and update every 6 months.
  • All our overseas suppliers are required to post their information on SEDEX.
  • We utilise the SEDEX risk assessment tool to pinpoint and address areas of concern within our supply base.
  • We only use labour agencies that are approved by the Gang-masters Licensing Authority (GLA) and we also audit our labour supplier agencies.

We are committed to sourcing British produce.

  • We believe the quality and taste of British potatoes cannot be beaten.
  • We are proud that over 95% of the potatoes we procure annually are grown in the UK.
  • This supports local farmers, local economies and is better for the environment, reducing both our carbon footprint and food miles.
  • Only when the British equivalent is not available do we commit to imported potatoes.
  • We are ideally structured to ensure we provide the best UK potatoes.

Our People

The employees of LCL are key to our business.
We recognise and value the contribution of everyone who is involved with ensuring we keep producing a high-quality product and service.
We are committed to improving and developing all members of our team, as well as creating an engaging workplace culture that is fair, safe and recognises hard work and success.

Health & Safety

Our aim is not simply to comply with Health & Safety legislation, but to attain higher standards through the adoption of good practice and to achieve industry leadership in our Health and Safety performance.
We are committed to achieving a safe and healthy working environment for all people that are affected by our work activities and promote the company as a responsible employer.

  • The Board of Directors is fully committed to achieving this through a programme of continuous improvement, monitoring, review and positively promoting a proactive approach.
  • We believe that effective health and safety practices contribute directly to the better performance of the company as a whole.
  • All levels of management and operations have a duty to employ safe systems of work.
  • All LCL people hold the ultimate responsibility for the safety and welfare of themselves and others, through implementation of our Group Health and Safety policy and behavioral safety standards.

Chris Marshall
Managing Director

Global G.A.P. Sedex Assured Food Standards Pierre's Pledge - BRCGS Food Safety Certificated