Services for growers

Crop Consultancy & Agronomy Support

Choosing the right potato variety and seed for the soil type and other environmental factors can make a big difference to both the yield and quality of a crop. As well as advising on seed selection, our experienced agronomist is available to consult on storage and chitting issues and can be on call as the crop is growing, from planting through to harvest. These consultancy and support services are offered to our dedicated and committed growers at no additional cost.

Routes to Market

Linwood Crops has established routes into all market sectors. Our extensive contacts with the food service, retail and processing markets, ensures that we are able to secure trouble-free, profitable and sustainable access to multiple markets. From premium product lines to second class produce, we work closely with our growers and suppliers, across both traditional and alternative markets, to match the right product to the right customer at the right time.


Services for purchases

Trusted Brands

Linwood Crops has developed a family of brands, offering our customers trusted and reliable premium products. Visit the Our Brands page to learn more about ‘Potato Passion’, ‘Guy’s Fries’, ‘Just Enjoy’, ‘Big Boy Baker’ and ‘Itsy Bitsy’.


Grading and Packing

Cutting-edge potato grading equipment ensures that Linwood Crops is able to meet even the most exacting of standards. Potatoes are machine graded and bagged at our March, Cambridgeshire facility, while on-farm hand-grading capability is also available with selected growers and suppliers.

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